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Elizabeth Chi

PIPCO Communications


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Pinpoint Com launches website. Stay tuned -  more to come.


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Unleash the power of your communications!




Let us help you develop your communication skills to become an effective presenter.


No need to worry or stress when you are standing in front of a group. We provide you the tools to enable you to effectively make yourself heard, and feel at ease while doing so.


You will learn the golden rules for any presenter so that you can get your message across in a professional manner, regardless of the profile of the people you are presenting to.


Your English website and publications are your face to the world.


We will work with you to improve the content of your English website, giving a professional image to the ouside world. We offer a complete range of English editorial services to help you improve internal and external publications. Our services range from providing simple text editing to full Swedish-to-English translations, copywriting or web ontent. We can even provide editorial services for your internal or external communications..   










Presentation Training -

We will help you become more effective and dynamic in front of a group 


We provide services to help you and your team acquire the  presentation skills you need to get your message across to customers, partners and others in your own organization.


We offer both group and individual sessions - a combination of instructor-led and hands-on presentation coaching.