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Pinpoint Com launches website. Stay tuned - More to come. 








Unleash the power of your communications!






Recent testimonials from a series of two-day pedagogical seminars held  in Stockholm and Helsinki in December 2009:



”One of the most fun and inspiring seminars that I have attended. I do want to learn more, but feel that this is very good beginning.”



”Very good seminar. I feel that I have gained an increased awareness of rhetorical devices that I can practice on my own and use in order to improve my performance. Even if I have not learned everything, I’ll continue to practice on my own with the material provided. Thanks!!”



”Very good and easy to follow, with fun, interactive exercises.”



"I think it’s great that Elizabeth understands and speaks Swedish. She explains difficult English expressions and it was good to be able to do our presentations in Swedish in order to incorporate things learned as much as possible. Very good examples, suggestions and explanations."



"A follow-up course is in order, with more repetition and tips. The slides and training material provided are good support material. As to Elizabeth’s knowledge on the subject, on a scale of 1-4 (4 being the top grade) I give Elizabeth a 5!"