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Elizabeth Chi

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Elizabeth Chi, owner and founder of PInpoint Com



Elizabeth has over 25 years of experience working in Sweden as a business English communications instructor, presentation trainer/coach and English editor/corporate journalist/copywriter/translator.


Originally from New York, Elizabeth earned a Master's degree in Language Training and speaks several languages. She started her career in promotion and sales as well as language instruction in the US and Mexico before moving to Sweden.


Upon arriving in Sweden in 1988, she expanded into professional business and marketing communications, working for prestigious institutions, such as Management Språkutbildning, Institute for International Education and the IHM Business School. Elizabeth has since started her own firm, Pinpoint Com and does consulting work for many of Sweden's major firms and governmental institutions. 


Elizabeth has coached CEOs and top-level executives, high-profile governmental officials and renowned speakers. Companies and institutions, such as Tieto, Mitel,Ericsson, Electrolux, Scandia, Absolut, Vin & Sprit, Projectplace, Teleopti, the Swedish Foreign Ministry, Riksbanken and JG Communicationsand and Appleberg have  been her clients.



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       Elizabeth Chi

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